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Help keep MIT OpenCourseWare going and growing.

Dear OCW User,

This year, MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) celebrates its eighth anniversary. Our success to date would not have been possible without the thousands of donors and supporters who believe in our mission. Through their support, OCW has brought MIT's educational materials to more than 50 million individuals around the world.

OCW reflects MIT's commitment to improving education globally through the free and open sharing of knowledge. And the promise of OCW continues to grow: In the coming months, we will enhance the Highlights for High School content, add more video courses, and expand our course content with new and updated course materials.

Yet, we face significant financial challenges as we look forward. Even as we strive to expand and improve OCW, we are faced with the need to cut our costs and raise more funds.

Securing the Future of OCW

OCW is more than simply educational content from MIT made public. Each course requires a significant investment for collecting and reformatting faculty content, ensuring materials are licensed for open sharing, and producing videos and other rich media content. We also distribute all this content through our web site and hundreds of mirror sites worldwide. The cost of "free" education is currently just under $4 million a year.

Over the past six months, we have been aggressively seeking ways to reduce our costs without compromising OCW quality and quantity. We have increased our use of iTunes and YouTube for distribution of our audio and video content–by moving to these free-hosting partners we reduce our content distribution costs, realizing significant savings in coming years. We are also exploring a new lower-cost system for distributing our popular zip downloads.

While we expect to continue to find ways to reduce our costs through these kinds of measures, our overall cost-cutting this year represents less than 10% of our total budget. To date, we have been able to avoid the kind of cuts that would compromise the breadth and quality of OCW. To avoid these in the future, we need to significantly increase fund-raising now. While MIT continues to bear 50% of the cost of OCW, the Institute cannot support the program alone, especially in these difficult economic times.

Your Help is Increasingly Critical

We need and genuinely appreciate your personal donation to OCW. In addition, corporate support and matching gifts are vital to ensuring OCW's sustainability. If you use OCW in your job to keep your basic skills sharp, address business challenges, or track current developments in key disciplines, then please encourage your company to support OCW.

You can also help us by telling your family, friends, and co-workers about OCW, shopping through links on our site, or share how the site has made a difference in your life at We appreciate all you can do to help keep OCW vibrant and moving forward!


Cecilia d'Oliveira
Executive Director
MIT OpenCourseWare

Read what inspired others to give


"It's very simple. I live in Silicon Valley where many people think ideas should be owned like property. This mentality consumes an enormous amount of time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. MIT OpenCourseWare is outstanding for two reasons; first the quality of the material really does make a difference. I've personally used OCW as a reference long after my old college "bibles" ended up in the recycling bin. Even better, OCW is a shining example of ideas being celebrated. I suspect it inspires just as much as it enriches."
—Jeff Breidenbach, MIT Alum, Class of 1996

"As to my reasons, I honestly think that, through OCW, MIT is doing the right thing at the right time. And, whatever the short term results, the institution should be reminded by its alumni that it is on the right track, and should pursue in that direction."
—Anonymous, MIT Alum, Class of 1977


"I use the OCW for extra study materials and to fill out gaps in the curriculum I currently have through my BS in Computer Science program at Regis University. I donated because I want MIT to keep the OCW going. I appreciate the hard work and innovation being done over at MIT. Thank you."
—Heath Novak, USA

"Because I significantly gained a lot by the high quality educational materials from MIT faculty. Its good to know that a superb resource for knowledge and learning is made available to everyone in the world! Thank You so much!"
—Aditi Gupta, USA

Self Learners

"I've been asked on your website to write and explain why I've donated to your site. I believe it's every person's responsibility to stand up and support the things he (or she) values. I enjoyed watching your online video courses and would like to express my gratitude for putting them on, and help ensure your site continues to grow. I wish you all the best."
—Assaf Tal, Israel

"I supported OpenCourseWare because I believe that MIT is setting the standard for education around the world by liberating the course content. The actions of respected institutions have profound effects, and supporting OCW was my way of saying "thank you" for having the courage and insight to take this bold step that helps promote advanced education everywhere."
—Ted Inoue, USA

"I'm an extension agent working with underprivileged communities. It is important that I have an eclectic source of reference materials for my work. MIT (OCW) has been instrumental in my professional development. I would like this resource to grow."
—Harry Crissy, USA

OCW materials are invaluable for schools and organizations unable to connect to the internet or experience low bandwidth issues. Through the OCW Mirror Site program, these institutions access OCW on donated equipment and can share these resources locally.

MIT students teach short science and humanities courses at schools and universities in many developing countries. They help bring OCW to students and faculty so that they can enhance their knowledge and supplement their current coursework.

We need your help to sustain OCW and programs like these. Your donation, large or small, makes a difference.