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Instructor Profile: Gilbert Strang


Gilbert Strang
Photo by Donna Coveney

Mathematics professor Gilbert Strang received a SB in mathematics from MIT in 1955, and was a Rhodes Scholar, earning an MA from Oxford University in 1957. He received his PhD from UCLA in 1959. During a career spanning more than 50 years teaching at MIT, Strang has become one of the most recognized mathematicians in the world. He is the author of ten books, and has served as editor for more than 20 journals.

Strang has received many awards and recognitions, including the Su Buchin Prize from the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, an Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession from SIAM, and the Von Neumann Prize Medal from the US Association for Computational Mechanics. Strang’s videos on MIT OpenCourseWare represent some of the most popular content on the site.

His favorite courses are 18.06 Linear Algebra and 18.085
Computational Science and Engineering, with textbooks and video lectures for both.  His home page is