21W.783 Science and Engineering Writing for Phase II

Fall 2002

Photograph of rock climbing equipment.
This course includes an example of technical writing related to the testing of rock climbing equipment. (Image courtesy Stephen Carson.)

Course Highlights

This course includes an HTML writing guide, "It's not just salad dressing", located in the study materials section.

Course Description

21W.783 is a series of seminars focusing on common writing problems faced by professional engineers and scientists. Participants will tune up their writing skills and prepare a pair of technical documents under the guidance of the instructor. The writing assignments focus on a single topic of the student's choosing, preferably one for which the necessary research has been done, or is in the process of being done. In addition to the writing component, students will deliver an oral presentation based on the written work.

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Prof. David Custer

Course Meeting Times

One session / two weeks
2 hours / session