This class investigates theory and practice of digital or new media poetry with emphasis on workshop review of digital poetry created by students. Each week students examine published examples of digital poetry in a variety of forms including but not limited to soundscapes, hypertext poetry, animation, code poems, interactive games, location-based poems using handheld devices, digital video and wikis. Students then create their own poetry in each of these forms and present their work in class for extensive workshop discussion. For some assignments students may work in small collaborative groups. Sharing technical expertise is encouraged. In addition, certain key essays by a range of authors in the history of new media development will be discussed. Non-digital experimental art that has influenced new media poetry will also be discussed each week. Trips to the MIT List Visual Gallery and other Boston-area galleries and museums will also be arranged when relevant exhibits have been scheduled.


Activities Percentages
Assessment of Weekly Writing Assignments (Including Brief Analytic Essays) 60%
Final Project 30%
Class Participation 10%


Since this class emphasizes writing and workshop review, attendance is mandatory.