Class Schedule


Week # Topics Key dates
1 D: Introduction to Digital Poetry with Discussion of History of New Media Poetry, Definition of Key Terms, and Discussion of Computational Models of Writing (Bush, Nelson, Joyce)

D: Discussion of Remediation in Poetry
2 D: Image and Metaphor in Poetry and Digital Forms

D: Discussion of Relevant Mass-media Forms (Graphic Novels, Comics, the Photographic Essay)

W: Soundscape Poem
Remediation of "The Altar" into a soundscape assignment due
3 D: Hypertext and Non-linear Compositional Techniques

W: Visual Poem
Remediation of first assignment into a digital visual environment due
4 D: Wikis and Collaborative Authoring Over Networks, Authorial Imperative Versus Reader-centered Writing
5 D: Processuality, OuLiPo Experiments, "Listening Post" (Check the List Visual Art Gallery Online Archive For Discussion of this Installation)

W: Hypertext Poem
Hypertext poems due
6 D: Interactivity in New Media Poems, Digital Poetry and Games

W: Process Poem
Process poem due
7 D: Location-based Writing and Mobile Digital Devices

D: Podcasting

W: Game Poem
Game poem due
8 D: Installation and Performance Poetry

D: Code Poems

W: Location-based Poem
Location-based poem due
9 D: Hypermediality, Digital Video

W: Installation or Code Poem
Performance poem or code poem due
10 D: Analysis of Hypermediality from Author and Audience Perspectives

W: Video Poem
Complete video poem due
11 D: Analysis of Collaboration in Creation and Reception of Digital Poetry

W: Wiki Poem
Wiki poem due
12 Review Final Projects
13 Review Final Projects (cont.) Hardcopy portfolio reviews due