1 Course Overview
2-3 The Ideology of Progress, Modernization, Development and Planning
4-5 Historical Awareness of the Origins of Developmental Planning
6-7 Anti-Planning Arguments
8 Why Still Believe in Planning? The Reasons for a Hopeful View
9 Information Session for Case Studies Selected for Student Presentations First Case Study: A Glimpse of Developmental Planning: The Case of Housing and Infrastructure Provision in Lusaka, Zambia
10 Organizational Understanding: How Bureaucracies Work or Do Not Work First essay due
11 Student Presentations - Lusaka Case Study
12 How Planning Decisions are Made or How Decisions Happen
13 Components of Good Practice: Getting "Things" Done
14 Organizational Understanding: Working with Market Institutions
15 Organizational Understanding: NGOs as Development Agents
16 Organizational Understanding: Communities and Collective Action
17 Information Session for Case Studies Selected for Student Presentations Second Case Study: Dealing with Corruption in the Police Force of La Paz
18 Organizational Understanding: International Institutions
19 Student Presentations - La Paz Case Study
20 Legal Sensibilities
21 Political Savvy
22 Learning from Practice: Meeting with SPURS/Humphrey Fellows
23 Reflective Practitioner
24 Synthesis for the Class
25 Final Class Wrap-up Final assignment due