1 Introduction and overview of a theoretical basis for regional economic analyses (PDF)
2 Background on regional modeling and modeling assumptions/economic base studies
3 Background on input-output equations and data preparation for the REMI model Problem set 1, part I, due two days after Ses #3

Alternative types of regional input-output models and multipliers

Guest speaker: Glen Weisbrod, President, Economic development research group

5 Regional economic analyses and forecasting

Regional econometric modeling, part I

Outside of class time this week: meet with Greg Perkins, research manager, at Boston redevelopment authority

Problem set 1, part 2 due
7 Regional econometric modeling, part II
8 Model comparisons
9 Massachusetts economy, case study
10 Green buildings

Green transportation

Regional catalytic economic impacts of aviation growth

Guest lecture: Ryan Tam, AICP, MIT PhD candidate

Problem set 2 due
12 Formulating and applying dynamic economic models
13 Use of regional models in policy analyses Problem set 3 due
14 Seminar for client: socioeconomic impact evaluation