1 Course Introduction
Client Introduction
2 What's Happening in Lawrence?
3 Site Visit @ LCW Assignment Due: Reflection Journal Entry 1
4 Reflection Assignment Due: Assignment 1 (Class), Confronting Logistical Issues
5 Introduction to IDAs; Guest Speakers
6 IDAs Assignment Due: Assignment 2a (Group One), IDA Discussion
7 IDA Discussion (cont.)
8 Data Collection Strategy Assignment Due: Assignment 2b (Group Two), Data Collection Discussion
9 Client Meeting @ MIT
10 RGI Steering Committee Meeting (2 hours)
11 Group Work/ Group Two @ LCW
12 Open Format/ Discuss Readings
13 Group Work/ Group One @ LCW
14 Open Format/ Discuss Readings
15 Client Meeting @ LCW
16 Open Format/ Discuss Readings 
17 Group Work @ LCW Assignment Due: Reflection Journal Entry 2
18 Reflection
19 Discussion on Scenarios Assignment Due: Assignment 3b (Group Two), Data Collection
20 Discussion on Data Assignment Due: Assignment 3a (Group One), IDA Scenarios
21 Group Work
22 Group Work
23 Open Format/ Discuss Readings
24 Group Work
25 Group Work
26 RGI Steering Committee Meeting (2 hours) Assignment Due: Assignment 4 (Class), Report
27 Final Presentation Assignments Due: Assignment 5 (Class), Final Presentation; Reflection Journal Entry #3
28 Reflection/ Last Day of Class
29 Assignments Due: Assignment 6a (Group One), IDA Web Site; Assignment 6b (Group Two), Customized ArcGIS Project