11.362 Environmental Management Practicum: Brownfield Redevelopment

Fall 2006

Photograph of a colorful mural.
This class examined possible redevelopment scenarios for a 3-acre piece of land in Boston's underserved Dorchester neighborhood. Highlighting the strengths of this neighborhood, such a rich history and good schools, was an important part of the process. (Photograph courtesy of the 11.362 student team.)

Course Highlights

This course features a detailed final report and a presentation that was delivered to community stakeholders in the projects section.

Course Description

Through site-specific client-based work, this course will allow students to materially contribute to redevelopment decision-making regarding a former inner-city industrial site. The course will focus on generating and analyzing pragmatic redevelopment scenarios given the issues of brownfields and environmental contamination, community preferences, regulatory constraints and economic realities.

The course is designed along two parallel and mutually reinforcing educational tracks: Field learning and classroom reflection, with ample time built into the schedule for both. As the course will focus on an actual site, there will be a sizeable portion of student time spent on location and in the surrounding community.

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James Hamilton

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / week