This section contains documents created from scanned original files, which are inaccessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

The work from the final presentation of the studio is presented here. All work is courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Group A - Liz Nguyen, Marissa Cheng, Peng Liu, Frank Yang Jiang, Neeraj Bhatia (PDF - 2.8 MB) (PDF - 4.0 MB)#
Group B - Alex Lee, Ai Yamamoto, Non Arkaraprasertkuo, Sisi Liang, Jie Wang (PDF - 9.6 MB) (PDF - 8.1 MB)#
Group C - Angela Meehan, Feifei Zhao, Shilpa Mehta, Reilly Rabitaille, Matthew Brownell (PDF - 2.4 MB) (PDF - 1.3 MB)
Group D - Tracy Wharton, Priyanka Shah, Yingying Lu, Christoforos Romanos, Yueyuan Zheng (PDF - 3.5 MB) (PDF - 1.5 MB)
Group E - Shirley Shen, Kirsten Kinzer, Timothy Terway, Gong Zhang, Meredith Judy (PDF - 3.2 MB) (PDF - 3.0 MB)
Group F - Kyuree Kim, Cindy Wu, Albert Wei, Wei Bao, Yu Feng (PDF - 5.1 MB) (PDF - 4.2 MB)