Study Materials

This section contains documents that could not be made accessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

This section contains material explaining the various components of Lego robots.

WEEK # TITLES Handouts/Demos
1 Our friend the Lego

Policies, The Art of Lego (PDF)#

Tips on fixing problems with your Handyboard (PDF)

2 Beauty and the Lego

Brock's Java Mechanisms

Bring in cliché examples of the use of different gears, including gear racks.

3 Cruisin'

Handyboard Technical Reference (PDF)#, pp. 6-8.

Demo geared motors (lots of torque!!)

Bring in example of differential gear.

Introduction to Motors (PDF)

4 Easy as C Handyboard music (See Tools, mmusic.c)
5 Making sense

Bring in box of sensors and use with the Handyboard (See Tools, template.c)

Introduction to Sensor Types (PDF)

6 One, two, three, ... infinity Basic IC Commands (PDF)

Students are also directed to read the 6.270 course notes, especially chapters 6, 7, and Appendix A, for more help with robot construction, control systems, and IC commands. (PDF)

A Visual Guide to Sensors

These images are forthcoming; in the meantime, please see sensor photos at the original SP.293 site.