Lecture Notes

1 Introduction and Overview (PDF) Set the baseline. What understanding of leaders and leadership have each of us already acquired?

Brief overview of the theories and themes in this course
2 Leadership Frameworks (PDF) Trait Theory

Distributed Leadership Model

Brief Discussion of Action Plans

Leadership Traits Role Play
3 Communication (PDF) Different Communication Styles and Structures

Giving Good Feedback: How to be a Good Coach

Journal Entries

Distributed Leadership Assessment Results

Giving/Receiving Feedback Role Play
4 Situational Leadership (PDF) Explore Leadership Types

Journal Entries

Situational Role Play
5 Influencing Others (PDF) Leading without Authority

Journal Entries

Leading from Any Chair Role Play
6 Decision-making (PDF) Decision-making Models

Decision-making Styles

Recommendations for Changes to this Course

Decision-making Role Play

Brief Summary of Results of Action Plans