15.968 The Sociology of Strategy

Spring 2005

Produce at a farmers market.
Fresh grapes sold at a farmers market in North Carolina. (Image courtesy of saidunsaids.)

Course Highlights

This course features an extensive reading list and a description of the memo assignments for the class.

Course Description

This seminar provides an introduction to scholarship in a growing research community: the sociologists and sociologically-inclined organization theorists who study issues that relate, at least in a broad sense, to the interdisciplinary field of inquiry that is known as "strategy" or "strategic management" research. The course is not designed to survey the field of strategy. Rather, the focus is on getting a closer understanding of the recent work by sociologists and sociologically-oriented organization theorists that investigates central questions in strategic management. In particular, we will be concerned with identifying and assessing sociological work that aims to shed light on: (a) relative firm performance; (b) the nature of competition and market interaction; (c) organizational capabilities; (d) the beginnings of industries and firms; (e) the diffusion or transfer of ideas and practices across firms; and (f) strategic change.
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Prof. Ezra Zuckerman

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session