Lecture Notes

The following is a collection of lecture notes related to the cases studied in each session, prepared by Paul Osterman.

1 Introduction Case: Habitat for Humanity International

Introduction, Overview of Non-Profits (PDF)
2 Strategy/Growth Case: STRIVE

STRIVE (PDF), Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: Ned Rimer, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Citizen Schools
3 Managing The Workforce Case: Shepard Quraeshi Associates (A)

Non-profit HR Issues (PDF), Teaching Notes (PDF)
4 Governance Case: The NAACP

NAACP (PDF), Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: William Pounds, Professor, MIT; Board of Directors, MFA
5 Evaluation Case: The Harlem Children's Zone: Driving Performance with Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluation (PDF), Teaching Notes (PDF)
6 Funding, Marketing Case: Amnesty International

Amnesty International Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: Lance Ozier, Vice President Finance and Administration & Vice President for National Program Marketing & Board Affairs, WGBH
7 Organizational Change Case: The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose

The Diocese (PDF), Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: Paul Levy, President and CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
8 Universities Case: Trinity College (A)

Trinity Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: Lawrence Bacow, President, Tufts University
9 Foundations Case: EMCF (Edna McConnell Clark Foundation): A New Approach at an Old Foundation

EMCF Teaching Notes (PDF)

Guest: Paul Grogan, President and CEO, The Boston Foundation
10 Consulting For The Non-Profit Sector Case: The Bridgespan Group

Guest: George Chu, The Bridgespan Group