The study questions for each session are presented below:

Course introduction
1 What is business ethics? (PDF)
Personal and professional practice
2 The theory (PDF) 2-page write-up: "What are my ethical principles in business?" due two days after Ses #2
3 The reality (PDF)
4 A question of character (PDF) Team paper 1 due two days after Ses #4
5 Reports from the field (PDF)

Panel on Business and the Professions

Team paper 2 due two days after Ses #5

Corporate social responsibility
6 Definitions and strategies (PDF)
7 Clash of values (PDF) Team paper 3 due two days after Ses #7
8 Constructing the global marketplace (PDF)
9 Corporate culture and individual responsibility (PDF) Team paper 4 due two days after Ses #9
The purpose of a corporation
10 Beginnings (PDF)
11 A new corporate life? (PDF) Team paper 5 due two days after Ses #11
12 A critique of capital (PDF)
13 Next steps (PDF)

Reports from the field: In a small team meeting in advance of the last class, each student tells the story of an ethical challenge he/she faced in the workplace. Teams pick one story for oral presentation in class, with a random selection of teams presenting.

Final paper due, 7-10 pages: Revisit your two-page introductory essay, and explore how your statement now looks, refracted through the materials we covered during H2 and the story that you presented to your team before the last class.