15.963 Advanced Strategy

Spring 2008

Diagram of increased performance over time, with three examples of relational contracts.
This course pays particular attention to relational contracts; here, several examples of relational contracts for a mature, high-performing organization are shown. (Image by Prof. Rebecca Henderson.)

Course Description

This course draws on a wide range of perspectives to explore the roots of long term competitive advantage in unusually successful firms. Using a combination of cases, simulations, readings and, most importantly, lively discussion, the course will explore the ways in which long term advantage is built from first mover advantage, increasing returns, and unique organizational competencies. We will focus particularly on the ways in which the actions of senior management build competitive advantage over time, and on the strategic implications of understanding the roots of a firm's success.
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Prof. Rebecca Henderson

Course Meeting Times

2 sessions / week
1.5 hours / session