15.928 Strategic Management and Consulting Proseminar: Theoretical Foundations

Spring 2003

Office buildings and street at night.
Office buildings in Washington, D.C. (Photo © openphoto.net.)

Course Highlights

Since this course revolves around many guest lectures, the lecture notes section features strategic questions based on each guest lecture. A detailed course summary, created by students, is provided in the study materials section, where a summary of the book by Prof. Arnoldo Hax, is also available.

Course Description

15.928, Proseminar in Strategic Management and Consulting: Theoretical Foundations, provides students with strategic frameworks and a broad exposure to business matters that affect strategic management and the consulting industry. To fulfill that objective, the Proseminar invites distinguished executives from businesses and consulting firms.

Fifty top executives from the U.S. and abroad were interviewed to identify the major issues that they were facing in today's world. From this survey six themes emerged as the leading subjects of strategic importance. We have organized the Proseminar accordingly. These themes are:

  • Theme 1. Restoring Credibility and Winning Stakeholders Trust.
  • Theme 2. Focus on Short-Term Efficiency - Cost Containment and Implementation.
  • Theme 3. Largest Destruction of Shareholder Value - How Could It Happen?
  • Theme 4. Structuring the Organization for Unstable Markets.
  • Theme 5. Motivating Employees in a Turbulent Environment - Becoming an Employer of Choice.
  • Theme 6. Globalization - The Question of Fairness.
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Prof. Gerhard Schulmeyer

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
2 hours / session