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0. Introduction
1 Creating, capturing, and delivering value with technology strategy
I. Creating value: technology, market, and organizational perspectives
2 Case: eInk

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3 Case: Apple 2006

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4 Industry life cycles and evolution of markets No required reading
5 Case: Novartis

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7 Organizational of innovation: structure, processes and incentives No required reading
II. Capturing value: appropriability, competition, and interdependence
8 Case: Abgenix and the XenoMouse Henderson, Rebecca. "Making Money From Innovation." Chapter 3 in Strategy and Technology. (forthcoming)
9 Appropriability: uniqueness and complementary assets No required reading
10 Case: Ember: developing the next ubiquitous network standard

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14 Horizontal / vertical strategies and the evolution of the value chain No required reading
15 Case: Nokia, Apple iPhone, and Google phone

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Additional articles

16 Strategic management of platforms and ecosystems No required reading
III. Delivering value: organizational dynamics and inter-firm relationships
17 Case: we've got rhythm! Medtronic Corporation's cardiac pacemaker business

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18 Case: Toyota Motor corporation: launching Prius

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19 Organizational dynamics: overload, time-pacing, simple rules, and probing No required reading
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21 Partnership case: Alza/Ciba (2): managing the relationship, 1977-1979 No required reading
IV. Practicing technology strategy
22 Case: Kodak and the digital revolution (A) No required reading
23 Selected student presentations No required reading
24 Conclusions and reflections No required reading