Lecture Notes

A. Introduction and overview
1 What is technology strategy and why does it matter (PDF)
B. Creating value: Patterns of change in technologies and markets
2 Co-evolution of the demand opportunity and technological infrastructure (PDF)
3 Life-cycles, dominant designs, transitions and disruptions (PDF)
4 Debrief and discussion on value creation (PDF)
C. Capturing value: Making a distinctive contribution
5 Appropriability, uniqueness and resources
6 Systems, solutions and standards (PDF)
7 Architecture, interfaces, modularity and platforms (PDF)
8 Debrief and discussion on value capture (PDF)
D. Deciding on value: Tough choices, limited time and incomplete information
9 Constructive conflict, uncertainty and real options (PDF)
E. Delivering value: The dynamics of organizations
10 Simple rules, active waiting and avoiding overload (PDF)
F. Summary
11 Recap and summary (PDF)
12 Student presentations
13 Student presentations (cont.)