The textbook readings referenced below are from Churchill, Gilbert A. Jr., and Dawn lacobucci. Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations. 8th ed. Chicago: The Dryden Press, 2002.

1 Introduction Textbook, Ch. 8
2 Conjoint Basics Green and Wind
3 Creating a Survey Case: SPI
4 Cluster Analysis Textbook, 860-887
5 Segmentation and Market Structure Conjoint Analysis Note
Class Exercise
Assignment 1 Due
6 Guest Lecture: Dewey Library Staff, Secondary Research Conjoint Problem Set Due
7 John Wax Case and Factor Analysis John Wax Case
Textbook, 839-860
8 Perceptual Maps Case: SIM
Perceptual Mapping (HBS)
Assignment 2 Due
9 Review case: MSA Case MSA
10 Information Pump

Prelec, Drazen, and Vanja Buvac. "The Information Pump." Center for Innovation in Product Development, MIT Marketing Group.

Dahan, Ely, and John, R. Hauser. "The Virtual Customer:Communication, Conceptualization, and Computation." Product Innovation Management Review (4 Nov. 2000).

In-Class Demo
11 Presentations
12 Presentations Final Assignment Due