This class consists of a set of six lectures, and a set of six case discussions, denoted below.

Week # Topics Key Dates
1 Lecture: Introduction: Pricing Strategies - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2 Lecture: Economic Value to the Customer (Key Lecture)

Case: Exploring EVC: Cumberland Metal Industries
3 Lecture: Measuring Demand and influencing Consumer Behavior: A Practical Approach to Pricing a New Product

Case: Pricing a Product for the First Time: Virgin Mobile U.S.A.
First exercise distributed
4 Lecture: How to Price to Best your Competitors?

Case: How to React to a Price Cut?: Beauregard Textiles

Case: When is Price-Cutting a Good Idea?: Philip Morris
First exercise due
5 Lecture: The Basic Theory of Segmentation

Case: Product Line Pricing: American Airlines Revenue Management
Second exercise distributed
6 Lecture: Customizing Prices in Multiple Ways

Case: Pricing in the Marketing Mix: Keurig
Second exercise due