Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .xls.

The assignments presented here are the discussion questions for the class.  They are meant to be read through before class, to provide an understanding of the topics to be covered.

1 Marketing (4P's, 5C's)† and Positioning (Company skills) Theory (PDF)
2 Barco Projection Systems: Worldwide Niche Marketing Case (PDF)
3 The Brita Products Company Case (PDF)

4 Product (Designing for Customers) Theory (PDF)
5 Southwest Airlines, 1993* Case (PDF)
6 Calyx and Corolla Case (PDF)
7 Customers (Behavior, Research) Theory (PDF)
8 Snapple* Case (PDF)
9 Sony Aibo: The World's First Entertainment Robot Case (PDF)
10 Advertising (Promotion) Theory (PDF)
11 Swatch* Case (PDF)
12 BMW Films Case (PDF)
13 Pricing (Customers, Competition) Theory (PDF)
14 Tweeter, etc.* Case (PDF)
15 Distribution (Place, Collaborators) Theory (PDF)
16 Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India Case (PDF)
17 Wrap up and Review (Context)

Exercise on the Practice of Marketing is due.


† Product, Promotion, Price, Place and Customer, Company Skills, Competition, Collaborators, Context
* Case eligible for group case write up.