Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available for the theory classes, but not for the discussion of case studies.  Exercises listed are used in conjunction with lecture.

1 Introduction and Class Overview (PDF) Lecture
2 Burger King and McDonald's Case
3 Capacity (PDF) Lecture Buildup, Queueing (PDF)
4 National Cranberry Case Case
5 Webvan Case
6 Inventory (PDF)

Inventory Examples (PDF)
Lecture EOQ, Newsboy (PDF)
7 Barilla Case
8 Sport Obermeyer Case
9 Production Control (PDF) Lecture
10 Hewlett-Packard Case
11 Book Review: The Goal Book
12 Quality (PDF) Lecture SPC reading, Six Sigma (PDF)
13 Toyota Case
14 Process Design Lecture
15 Global Financial Corp. Case Case
16 Supply Chain Design (PDF) (Presentation courtesy of Prof. Charles Fine. Used with permission.) Lecture
17 Product Design Lecture
18 Sega Dreamcast Case Case
19 Simulation and Course Wrap-up (PDF) Lecture