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There are two required books for the course, which are noted in shorthand in the table below:

[M] Amazon logo Ancona, D., T. Kochan, M. Scully, J. Van Maanen, and E. Westney. Managing for the Future. 3rd ed. Mason, OH: Thomson/Southwestern, 2005. ISBN: 0324055757.

[K&S] Amazon logo Kochan, Thomas, and Richard Schmalensee, eds. Management: Inventing and Delivering Its Future. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003. ISBN: 0262112825.

1 Introduction and Overview
2 Introduction to Teams and Teamwork [M] "A Team Primer." Module 3, pp. M3-10 to M3-16.

[M] "Team Process Observation Guide." Module 5, pp. M5-8 to M5-16.
3 Contemporary Management Challenges [K&S] D'Arbeloff, Alex. "Preface." pp. xi-xii.

[K&S] Annan, Kofi. "Corporate Citizenship in a Global Society." pp. 17-24.

[K&S] Fiorina, Carly. "Restoring Trust: Corporate Responsibility and the CEO." pp. 25-36.
4 Work and Careers - Past, Present and Future [M] "Workforce Management: Employment Relationships in Changing Organizations." Module 7, pp. M7-12 to M7-28.
5 Organizational Analysis - Strategic Design Lens [M] "Three Lenses on Organizational Analysis and Action." Module 2, pp. M2-13 to M2-32.

Look over the organizational charts from the Office of the Dean of Student Life and the Dean of Undergraduate Education.
6 Organizational Analysis - Political Lens [M] "The Political Lens." Module 2, pp. M2-33 to M2-55.

Amazon logo Dalton, Melville. "Men who Manage." In The Sociology of Economic Life. Edited by Mark Granovetter and Richard Swedberg. Boulder, CO: Westview, 1992, pp. 315-320 and 334-344. ISBN: 0813397642.
7 Organizational Analysis - The Cultural Lens [M] "The Cultural Lens." Module 2, pp. M2-57 to M2-82.

Bring an MIT cultural artifact to class, one per team (we will explain this in the next class).
8 Organizational Analysis - The Lincoln Electric Case Berg, Norman, and Norman Fast. "Lincoln Electric Co." Harvard Business School Case. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing. Case: 9-500-071, August 1, 1975.
9 Shareholders or Stakeholders - A Debate Friedman, Milton. "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Profits." The New York Times Magazine, September 13, 1970.

Amazon logo Evan, William, and R. Edward Freeman. "A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation: Kantian Capitalism." In Ethical Theory and Business. 6th ed. Edited by Beauchamp and Bowie. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2001. ISBN: 0133985202.

Stout, Lynn. "Bad and Not-So-Bad Arguments for Shareholder Primacy." Southern California Law Review 75 (2002).
10 The Nike Case [K&S] Locke, Richard. "The Promise and Peril of Globalization: The Nike Case." pp. 39-70.
11 Teams Revisited - Feedback and Workshop Session
12 Introduction to Negotiations [M] "Negotiations and Conflict Resolution." Module 12, pp. M12-4 to M12-21.

"Negotiation Simulation Ground Rules." (class handout)

"An Alarming Night." (class handout)
13 Multi-party Negotiations "Laboratory Sciences, Inc." (class handout)
14 Recruitment/Job Offer Negotiations "The New Recruit." (class handout)
15 Leadership and Change - Introduction [M] "Leadership." Module 14, pp. M14-8 to M14-19.

Biographic sketch of César Chavez.
16 The Big Dig, Part 1
17 The Big Dig, Part 2
18 Social Influence, Communications and Selling Ideas [M] "Issue Selling from Within." Module 13, pp. M13-6 to M13-11.

[M] "Inex." Module 13, pp. M13-14 to M13-19.
19 Organizational Change [M] "Organizational Change." Module 8, pp. M8-6 to M8-21.

[M] "The Strategy that Wouldn't Travel." Module 8, pp. M8-22 to M8-25.
20 Organizational Change (cont.) "Internship Protocol and Cases." (class handout)
21 Managing the Innovation Process [K&S] Brockley, Ellen, et al. "The Next Technological Revolution: Predicting the Technical Future and its Impact on Firms, Organizations and Ourselves." pp. 259-285.
22 Team Presentations
23 Alumni Panel
24 Technology and Its Social Context
25 Inventing the Future
26 Inventing the Future (cont.)