Lecture Notes

1 Introduction and Distributive Bargaining (PDF)
2 Integrative Bargaining (PDF)
3 Advanced Integrative Bargaining (PDF)
4 Tacit Negotiations and Perceptual Barriers to Negotiation (PDF)
  Optional Lecture: Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Guest Speaker - Charles J. Wolfe, Charles J. Wolfe Associates (PDF)
5 Negotiation Subprocesses I: Emotion Barriers and Emotional Intelligence (PDF)
6 Negotiation Subprocesses II: Communication and Listening Barriers

This week's session was a video case and has no notes.
7 Negotiation Subprocesses III: Difficult People as Barriers and Third-party Solutions (PDF)
8 Multiparty Negotiations: Power and Coalition Building
9 Power and Politics of Negotiating Change (PDF)
10 Panel of Experts: Negotiating Long-Term Relationships
11 The Power of Teams in Negotiation (PDF)
12 Global Negotiations (PDF)
13 Wrap-up (PDF)