Lecture Notes

Class 1: Overview and Southwest (PDF)
Class 2: Alignment and Portman (PDF)
Class 3: HPWO and NUMMI (PDF - 1 MB)
Class 4: HR Function and AES (PDF)
Class 5: Teams and Slade
              Eliciting Effort (PDF)
              Slade (PDF)           
Class 6: Unions and Eastern (PDF)
Class 7: Training and ServiceMaster (PDF)
Class 8: Performance Appraisal and Morgan Stanley (PDF)
Class 9: Performance Management and Rob Parson (PDF)
Class 10: Diversity and Part-Time Partner (PDF)
Class 11: Open Book and Jack Stack (PDF)
Class 12: Compensation Overview and SAS (PDF)
Class 13: Compensation System Design and VDS
Class 14: Piece Rates and Safelight (PDF)
Class 15: Non-Profits and JSI (PDF)
Class 16: Service Management and Harrah's (PDF)
Class 17: Culture and Nordstrom (PDF)
Class 18: Summary
                Final Lecture (PDF)
                Last Class (PDF)