Case Study Discussion Questions

1. Discussion Questions for UPS

  1. Describe UPS and its business environment.
  2. Critique UPS's strategy for online business and its business model.
  3. Critique UPS's approach to managing IT. How well does UPS's IT infrastructure prepare the firm for: (1) extending the core business and, (2) entering new businesses?
  4. What are the major IT enabled business opportunities facing UPS going forward?
  5. How effectively does UPS govern IT? What are the key mechanisms?

2. Discussion Questions for Merrill Lynch

  1. Do you think Merrill Lynch has moved at the appropriate speed in responding to market changes?
  2. What is the Integrated Choice business model?
  3. What are the implications of Integrated Choice? For clients? For financial consultants? For the firm?
  4. What are the major actions Merrill should take?

3. Discussion Questions for 7-Eleven Japan

  1. What are the characteristics and trends in traditional Japanese retailing? Convenience stores (CVS)?
  2. What is 7-Eleven Japan's value proposition to their customers to justify their average 10% premium over supermarket prices?
  3. What were the critical success factors for 7-Eleven Japan?
  4. What is the business model?
  5. Can 7-Eleven sustain the advantage? If so, how?

4. Discussion Questions for Manheim

  1. Describe and analyze the car remarketing industry.
  2. What is the Manheim Interactive business model? How does the model integrate with Manheim Auctions?
  3. What are the challenges facing Hal Logan for successful implementation of the model?
  4. What should Hal Logan do now?

5. Discussion Questions for State Street Corporation

  1. Assess the likely effectiveness of IT governance at State Street Corporation as they move towards implementing "One State Street."
  2. What changes should the CIO or his colleagues make to their IT governance arrangements?
  3. In June 2004, Ron Logue was appointed as the new CEO of State Street. What implications will this appointment have for IT governance? What actions should the CIO (Joe Antonellis — appointed late 2002) take?
  4. In late 2004 Joe Antonellis' role as EVP and CIO was expanded to include all operations as well as IT. Should the State Street Corporation IT governance change? How?

6. Discussion Questions for Banknorth

  1. How successful has Banknorth been? How have they achieved their success?
  2. Using the evidence from the case and Appendix 1, carefully evaluate the effectiveness of IT governance at Banknorth.
  3. What is your answer to the question in the last sentence of the case?
  4. John Petrey, Banknorth's CIO, has asked you to provide a set of recommendations for improving the effectiveness of their IT governance. What should John do before the upcoming Board meeting? What should he present at the meeting?

7. Discussion Questions for Delta

  1. What is Delta's business model?
  2. Why did Delta build the Delta Nervous System?
  3. Critique the DNS implementation. Was the DNS a good investment?
  4. How can Delta generate benefits from the DNS going forward?
  5. What are the lessons other companies can learn from the Delta case?

8. Discussion Questions for Dow Chemical

  1. What is Dow's business model? What is Dow's architecture maturity stage?
  2. Discuss the role of outsourcing at the Dow Chemical company. How would you classify Dow's outsourcing arrangements? How effectively does Dow manage these relationships?
  3. How has outsourcing contributed to Dow's success? To Dow's risks?
  4. Describe the Federated Broker Model. Do you think Dow will realize the vision of the Federated Broker Model? Why or why not?
  5. What do you feel are the biggest IT challenges Dow is facing? What are the implications for the business?

9. Discussion Questions for Style Industries

  1. Describe and assess Style's business objectives.
  2. Describe the existing IT portfolio at Style.
  3. What should Style do now?

10. Discussion Questions for Colway Stores

(Complete the analysis as a group exercise and prepare up to three PowerPoint slides of your analysis and rankings for a possible presentation.)

  1. Determine whether to proceed or not for each project.
  2. Rank the projects that are to proceed.
  • Same economic conditions as today
  • Colway can probably fund all the projects
  • The paybacks are good estimates
  • No tax, inflation effects or salvage value to projects

11. Discussion Questions for The Information Technology System That Couldn't Deliver

  1. Analyse the company's handling of the project.