15.518 Taxes and Business Strategy

Fall 2002

Skyscrapers in Chicago.
Skyscrapers in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Mallalieu.)

Course Highlights

An extensive set of lecture notes leads the student through many areas of taxes and business strategy. Real-world and hypothetical examples help explain the course's content. In addition to listing discussion and word problems from the textbook, several assignments are available for this course.

Course Description

Traditional finance and other business courses analyze a broad spectrum of factors affecting business decision-making but typically give little systematic consideration to the role of taxes. In contrast, traditional tax accounting courses concentrate on administrative issues while ignoring the richness of the context in which tax factors operate. The objective of the course is to bridge this gap by providing a framework for recognizing tax planning opportunities and applying basic principles of tax strategy.
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Prof. George Plesko

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session