There are guideline questions corresponding to each case study. These questions guide students as they prepare two-page memoranda to be turned in, as explained in the syllabus.
2 Technical Data Corporation: Questions (PDF)
4 Horizon Corporation: Questions (PDF)
6 Genset: Questions (PDF)
7 BW/IP International, Inc.: Questions (PDF)
9 Walnut Venture Associates: Questions (PDF)
11 Centex Telemanagement, Inc.: Questions (PDF)
12 Apex Investment Partners: Questions (PDF)
13 Xedia and Silicon Valley Bank: Questions (PDF)
16 Metapath Software: Questions (PDF)
18 Spectrum Equity Investors, L.P.: Questions (PDF)
19 Xerox Technology Ventures: Questions (PDF)
20 The Exxel Group: Questions (PDF)
21 Sara's Options: Questions (PDF)
22 Gerald Weiss: Questions (PDF)
24 Grand Junction: Questions (PDF)