1 Introductory Class: Logistics
Between 1 and 3 Find a lawyer
2 Term Sheets 101 Teams must be formed by end of class

Teams must sign up for lawyer and VC rounds by tonight
3 Successfully Raising Money from VCs "Find a Lawyer" conclusions due, at start of class
Between 3 and 7 Lawyer strategy sessions
4 Seed Financing: Strategy for Getting to a Term Sheet
5 Sector Focus: Biotech
6 Angel Financing: 2 Approaches
7 Compare and Contrast Lawyer Rounds

Update on Deal Trends
Between 7 and 11 Venture capitalist negotiation sessions
8 VC Negotiation: What Matters, What Works, What Doesn't
9 Sector Focus: Raising First Round Money in Biotech
10 Going Global: Raising First Round Money for International Ventures
11 Conclusions Intra-team evaluation