Part I: The global environment for entrepreneurship
1 Course overview and introduction
2 Issues for entrepreneurs in developing markets
3 How entrepreneurial companies respond to corruption Resumes posted
4 Opportunities amid extreme unpredictability

Team-building mixer

6 How the government shapes the entrepreneurial environment
7 Legal environments and IP protection G-Lab bidding forms due in class
Part II: The challenges facing entrepreneurial firms
8 Working in a G-Lab project Company matches announced
9 Life sciences overview, biotech entrepreneurship
10 Internationalization

Team meetings

12 You are not alone Team workplans due in class

Research methods

Team meetings

14 Global sales strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs Teams obtain and submit workplan sign-offs from host companies
15 Being an entrepreneur
16 Team meetings

Entrepreneurial finance

18 Team meetings with faculty advisors
19 Investigation and analysis
20 Commercialization Interim research reports due in class
21 Team meetings with faculty advisors
22 Organizational development and human resource management
23 Best practices overview
24 Building trust Teams submit interim research reports to host companies
Part III: The internship and final reports
25 Following month: G-Lab internship
26 One week following end of internship: Faculty meetings

Final report due

Copy or summary of company deliverables due

27 10 days following end of internship: G-Lab poster session Teams prepare posters on their projects and submit electronic copies to faculty