Lecture Notes

This section includes a selection of lecture notes from the course. Some lectures could not be included due to proprietary company information.

Introduction to course
1 Frameworks for corporate entrepreneurship: static and dynamic perspectives (PDF)
Strategies for major new product/business development
2 Multiple mechanisms for internal venturing
3 Corporate venture capital (CVC): alternative approaches
4 Collaborative technology acquisition through alliances and joint ventures (PDF) (Courtesy of Andrew Wang. Used with permission.)
5 Alternate modes for using venture creation/incubation and spinout to aid corporate business development (PDF)
6 Using licensing in and out as part of a corporate technology strategy (PDF)
7 Integrating internal and external venture strategies (PDF)

Guest Presentations

The following presentations were given by guest lecturers. Each presentation is courtesy of the individual named and is used with permission.

Corporate Venturing, by Ron Pierantozzi (PDF)

Minority Equity Investing, by Ron Pierantozzi (PDF)

Commercialization of University Technology, by Jack Turner (PDF)