15.351 Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Spring 2008

Street signs showing the corner of Exploration and Innovation Dr.
Photo taken in a Lakeland, FL business park. (Image courtesy of lakelandlocal at flickr.)

Course Description

This course discusses the basics every manager needs to organize successful technology-driven innovation in both entrepreneurial and established firms. We start by examining innovation-based strategies as a source of competitive advantage and then examine how to build organizations that excel at identifying, building and commercializing technological innovations. Major topics include how the innovation process works; creating an organizational environment that rewards innovation and entrepreneurship; designing appropriate innovation processes (e.g. stage-gate, portfolio management); organizing to take advantage of internal and external sources of innovation; and structuring entrepreneurial and established organizations for effective innovation. The course examines how entrepreneurs can shape their firms so that they continuously build and commercialize valuable innovations. Many of the examples also focus on how established firms can become more entrepreneurial in their approach to innovation.
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Prof. Fiona Murray

Course Meeting Times

2 sessions / week
1.5 hours / session