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1 Introduction and Overview
2-3 Origin of the Process COMPUTERWORLD - Researchers close in on atomic storage target
4-5 Individual Contributions

HBS Working Knowledge - Time Pressure and Creativity

6-7 Technical Communication
8-9 Cross-Functionality
10-11 Geographic Dispersion

MIT team reports tips for successful virtual collaborations

Tools for Virtual Team Communication

Virtually There?

12-13 Intra-Organizational Networks
14-15 Inter-Organizational Networks


16-17 Organizational Features Will Sun Rise Again?
18-19 Organizational Learning An Innovation Recession? 
3M Innovation
20-21 Market Changes
22 Industry Variability IDEO Boston
23-24 Standards, Patents, & Open Source

Free As In Free Software (Richard Stallman)

Why there are no GIF files on GNU web pages