15.351 Managing the Innovation Process

Fall 2002

Abstract image for Managing the Innovation Process.
Abstract image for Managing the Innovation Process. (Courtesy of Prof. Jonathon Cummings.)

Course Highlights

Managing the Innovation Process features a comprehensive set of assignmentslecture notes and readings. Professor Cummings has structured the course to facilitate student participation at multiple levels through group case analyses and an online forum for discussion of weekly readings. In addition, the course Web site is enhanced/modified throughout the term based on weekly feedback from students.

Course Description

This course approaches "managing the innovation process" through five levels of analysis: individual, team, network, organizational, and industrial. At each level of analysis, particular attention is given to the conditions under which innovation processes succeed and fail. The weekly readings consist of a mixture of book chapters, journal articles, and cases, and an online forum will be used for further discussion of the required readings outside of class. Tuesday classes will begin with a reflection exercise that entails critical thinking about the topic for the week, followed by an activity and lecture introducing material found both within and outside of the readings. Thursday classes will begin with a case analysis completed in small groups, followed by a discussion based on the issues raised in the case and online forum. The primary goal of the course is to expose students to a variety of perspectives on innovation, while building on past work experiences and preparing for work experiences in the future.

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Prof. Jonathon Cummings

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1.5 hours / session