Lecture Notes

1 Managing the Changing Workforce and Changing Nature of Work Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations & Society (PDF)
2 The Sustainable Corporation: Business and the Environment The Corporation in Society: Managing for Sustainability (PDF)
3 Managing Labor-Management Strategic Partnerships: Are they Sustainable? Managing Strategic Partnerships (PDF)
4 The Changing Workforce: Implications for Work-Family Integration
  • The Changing Workforce: Implications for Work & Family Integration (PDF)
  • Course 15.343: Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations and Society (PDF)
5 Knowledge Work & Knowledge Management: Integrating Human Capital & IT Knowledge Work & Knowledge Management: Integrating IT & Human Capital in the 21st Century Corporation (PDF)
6 Implementing Technical and Social Systems Change: The Case of Knowledge Based Work Systems
  • Integrating Social and Technical Systems (PDF)
  • Passing the Point of No Return: Accelerated Implementation of a Lean Manufacturing System (PDF)
  • Implementation Simulation (PDF)
7 Managing Independent Contractor/Project Worker Relations Managing Independent Contractor and Project Worker Relations (PDF)
8 Managing Cultural Diversity in Global Organizations Managing Diversity for Business and Personal Success (PDF)
9 Leadership Skills for the 21st Century Leadership Skills for the 21st Century (PDF)
10 Transforming Regional, National and International Institutions Transforming Regional, National, & International Institutions (PDF)