15.342J / 11.262J Organizations and Environments

Fall 2004

Image of business man in a hallway
A man walks down the hallway of a typical business organization. (Image courtesy of Stacy Conaway and stock.xchng.)

Course Highlights

This readings-based course features a full reading list and assignments section.

Course Description

The goal of this doctoral course is to familiarize students with major conceptual frameworks, debates, and developments in contemporary organization theory. This is an inter-disciplinary domain of inquiry drawing primarily from sociology, and secondarily from economics, psychology, anthropology, and political science. The course focuses on inter-organizational processes, and also addresses the economic, institutional and cultural contexts that organizations must face.

This is an introduction to a vast and multifaceted domain of inquiry. Due to time limitations, this course will touch lightly on many important topics, and neglect others entirely; its design resembles more a map than an encyclopedia. Also, given the focus on theoretical matters, methodological issues will move to the background. Empirical material will be used to illustrate how knowledge is produced from a particular standpoint and trying to answer particular questions, leaving the bulk of the discussion on quantitative and qualitative procedures to seminars such as 15.347, 15.348, and the like.

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Prof. Pablo Boczkowski

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session