1 Course Overview: Basic Communication Skills, Strategy Listening, Giving Feedback

Teaching note. Active Listening and Reflective Responses.

Barnes. Managing Interpersonal Feedback.

2 Oral Presentations: The Basics
Delivering Conference Papers Workshop: Introducing Your Research Interests
Donald, Bruce Randall. "How to Give a Good Talk."

Radel, Jeff. "Developing a Poster Presentation."

Edwards, Paul. "How to Give a Talk: Changing the Culture of Academic Public Speaking." (PDF)

"Creating a Poster Using MSPowerPoint."
Prepare a 2-3 minute oral summary of your research interests aimed at other students in the class
3 Oral Presentations: The Job Talk Workshop: The 60-second Elevator Pitch
Writing: Genres of Academic Writing
Frost and Stablein. Journeys 1 and 2. Pp. 19-76. Prepare a 60-second elevator pitch about your research interests aimed at senior academics in your field
4 Writing (and Reading) Journal Articles and Conference Papers Zerubavel. Pp. 1-13 (read); pp. 14-98 (skim).

Lanham. "Who's Kicking Who."

Berkenkotter, Huckin, and Ackerman. "Social Context and Socially Constructed Texts" (skim).

An article of your choice in your target journal/conference.
Topic and target audience (conference, journal, etc.) of written assignment and oral assignment
5 Surviving the Reviewing Process and Getting Published

Reviewing Papers for Journals and Conferences
Cummings and Frost. Pp. 257-268.

Gans and Shepherd. "How Are the Mighty Fallen:..."

Teaching note. "Writing Peer Reviews of Manuscripts."

AMJ Reviewer Guidelines,

Lee, Allen. "Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication."

Optional: Cummings and Frost, pp. 13-43, 151-202.

Optional: Allen Lee, Editor's Comments, MISQ, 23, No. 4 (a case study of the editorial process for one article).
One-page analysis of target audience/journal for written assignment
6 Teaching: The Basics
Managing Discussions, Using Cases
Workshop: Peer Reviewing of Draft Journal or Conference Review
Christensen. "The Discussion Teacher in Action: Questioning, Listening, and Response."

Breslow. "Contracts in the Classroom."

Rhem. "Deep/Surface Approaches to Learning: An Introduction."
7 Presentations Final version, journal or conference review
8 Presentations
9 Presentations
10 Interviewing for Field Work or Conducting a Job Search

Peer Reviewing of Written Assignment
Draft of written assignment for peer reviewing (two copies)
11 Presentations (optional re-do)
12 Presentations (optional re-do)
13 Course Wrap-Up Final version, written assignment