Lecture Notes

1 Introduction to the Course, and to Interactive Communication

Exercises in Listening and Nonverbal Communication

Using Listening and Informal Speaking Skills in One-to-one Interactive Situations

Teaching Note: "Active Listening and Reflective Responses" (PDF) (Teaching note courtesy of Prof. JoAnne Yates. Used with permission.)

Teaching Note: "Nonverbal Communication" (PDF)

"Keys to Effective Presentations" (PDF)
2 Communication Styles

Interpersonal Attitude Survey
3 Discuss Individual and Team Projects

Discuss and Practice 5-min Persuasive Presentation with Q & A
4 Persuasive Presentations with Q & A
5 Persuasive Presentations with Q & A (cont.)
6 Handling Hostility

"Fast Food Fiasco" Hostile Role Play
7 Running Meetings (PDF)

Meeting Exercise
8 Presentations to Hostile Audience (PDF)
9 Presentations to Hostile Audience (cont.)
10 Group Decision Making

A role play will be handed out in class. Students must write an analysis of the role play your group does today
11 Group Decision Making and Active Listening
12 Intercultural Communication

Case Discussion based on Negotiation: Lost in Taiwan

Teaching Note: "Intercultural Communication" (PDF)

Teaching Note: "Cross-Cultural Variables" (PDF)
13 Intercultural Communication (cont.) (PDF)

Case Discussion based on In the Shadow of the City
14-21 Team-led Classes
22 Working with the Media
23 Final Individual Presentations
24 Final Individual Presentations (cont.)
25 Class Wrap-up