Lecture Notes


Introduction to course

Communication strategy and structure (PDF)

To introduce the course purpose and requirements.

To define the characteristics of managerial communication.

To explore the components of a communication strategy and how to create one.

Strategy checklist

Strategy and structure (cont.)

Persuasion (PDF)

To explore how structure is related to strategy.

To present the idea of direct and indirect structure.

To discuss how to create and evaluate a logical and persuasive argument.

Examples of direct/indirect structure

"Management by Objective" memo

Examples of persuasive communication


Oral presentations

Minto pyramid (PDF)

To discuss a range of successful practices for structuring and delivering an oral presentation.

Guidelines for oral presentations

Oral presentation evaluation form

"Craigstone Corporation" in-class case


Oral presentations (cont.)

Visual aids

Handling Q&A (PDF)

To discuss creating and using effective visual aids during a presentation.

To explore effective techniques for handling questions and answers.

Tips for effective PowerPoint projection

Writing process

Style and tone

Presenting data

To explore effective writing processes.

To discuss ways to bring clarity and coherence to your writing.

To examine how the selection and arrangement of words can result in a particular style and tone.

6 Resumes

To discuss how to market yourself effectively through your resume.

To discuss principles of creating a powerful MIT Sloan MBA resume.

To examine a "before and after" resume.

"Creating a Powerful MIT Sloan MBA Resume." Sloan Career Development Office

Sample "Before and After" resume

List of resume Action Verbs

Key skills/competencies by industry and/or function

"MIT Sloan MBA Resume Guidelines." MIT Sloan Career Development Office

7 Intercultural communication

To learn about the norms and values that govern differences in communication styles.

To identify, in particular, cultural variations in business communication.

To increase individual effectiveness in intercultural communication.

Some questions to ask about culture

Intercultural communication (cont.)

Group presentations

To examine a range of cross-cultural, communication, and ethical issues.

To discuss strategies for effective group presentations.

Guidelines for group presentations

Active and reflective listening

Interactive presentations

To recognize characteristics of active and reflective listening.
10 Cover letters

To discuss how to market yourself effectively through cover letters.

To examine models of cover letters.

To discuss principles of impactful cover letters.

Samble MBA cover letters

Basic cover letter format

Checklist for creating impactful MIT Sloan MBA cover letters

Company/industry research: how to get started

Sample job descriptions


Communication in the job search


To discuss how to market yourself effectively in an MBA-level interview.

To explore the MBA interviewing process.

An introduction to MIT Sloan MBA interviewing

Sample interview questions for summer internship interviews

General model for a post-interview thank-you letter

Thank-you notes make a difference

12 Communication: media choice To explore effective communication using electronic media, emphasizing audience needs, choice of media, and message style/length/tone.
13 Team project presentations To practice effective team presentation skills.
14 Course wrap-up (PDF) To summarize and synthesize key concepts from 15.280.