Study Materials

The following files are meant to emphasize the interactive nature of the course, and are used by students throughout the semester.


Strategy Checklist (PDF)

Conversation Gambits (PDF)

Cover Letter Formula (PDF)

Writing Rubrics (PDF)

Oral Presentation Rubrics (PDF)

Summary of Important Guidelines for Effective Management Communication (PDF)

Exercises and Cases

Strategy Exercise (PDF)

Listening Exercise (PDF)

Interview Exercise (PDF)

Participating in Meetings (PDF)

CEO World Tour (PDF)

Electronic Communication: Creating a Policy (PDF)

Wildebeest Case: Media Relations (PDF)

Sunk in Sacramento: Review of Strategic Communication (PDF)

Feedback Forms

Presentation with Q & A Evaluation (PDF)

Presentation with Interaction Evaluation (PDF)

Editing Cover Letters: A Checklist (PDF)

Editing the Meeting Maker Assignment: A Checklist (PDF)

Team Questionnaire (PDF)

Team Progress Report (PDF)

Team Presentation Evaluation (PDF)

Team Presentation (Individual) Evaluation (PDF)

Report Feedback Form (PDF)