Lecture Notes

The class slides and teaching notes are presented here, comprising a complete set of the lecture materials from the class. The teaching notes by JoAnne Yates are used with permission.

Class Overheads

Strategy and Structure 1-7 (PDF)
Guidelines for Effective Presentations 8 (PDF)
Guidelines for Effective Feedback  9-10 (PDF)
Listening Well 11-12 (PDF)
Guidelines for Effective Writing 13-21 (PDF)
Persuasion 22-26 (PDF)
Intercultural Communication Separate set of overheads (PDF)
Guidelines for Effective Teamwork Separate set of overheads (PDF)

Teaching Notes

Clear and Concise Writing (PDF)

Conceptual Parallelism (PDF)

Giving and Receiving Feedback (PDF)

Intercultural Communication (PDF)

Media Relations (PDF)

Style in Managerial Writing (PDF)

Teamwork Basics (PDF)

Constructing an Argument (PDF)

Cover Letters (PDF)

Difficult Conversations (PDF)

Persuasion: What the Research Tells Us (PDF) (Courtesy of JoAnne Yates.)

Using Figures in Text and as Attachments (PDF) (Courtesy of JoAnne Yates.)