15.277 Special Seminar in Communications: Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Fall 2008

Photograph of speaker presenting to a large audience.
Speaker presenting to a large business audience. (Image courtesy of the U.S. Department of Commerce.)

Course Description

This course builds on the work done concurrently in 15.280 Communication for Managers and 15.311 Organizational Processes in the first semester of the MBA program. 15.280 is offered for 6 units and 15.277 provides an additional 3 units for a total of 9 units in Managerial Communication. 15.277 acts as a lab component to 15.280 and provides students additional opportunities to hone their communication skills through a variety of in-class exercises. Emphasis is on both individual and team communication.
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Prof. Christine Kelly

Course Meeting Times

1 session / week
1 hour / session