Study Questions

I. Lec # 1

  1. What are the key features of Porter's "Diamond" model? How does
    this model help you understand the relative competitiveness of
    different industries in your home countries? What is missing from the
  2. Should Gerber invest in Poland? What benefits would the company
    gain from this investment? What are the risks? Why would the Polish
    government be interested in selling the Alima facility to Gerber?
    What information would you gather to assess the relative
    opportunities/risks inherent in this deal?

II. Lec # 2

  1. What is the "paradox" Analog Devices experienced when implementing
    TQM? Was this experience a success or a failure? What metrics would
    you use to assess this? Why did the TQM experience unfold as it did?
    What was going on at the national economy, industry and company

III. Lec # 3

  1. Should the Korean government bailout Daewoo? Why or why not? What
    are the consequences for the country, the industry, the company? What
    would you advise the Korean government to do?
  2. How should we understand the post-1997 Korean experience? Is
    state-driven economic development a bankrupt strategy? Are all
    countries converging on the Anglo-American model of capitalism?

IV. Lec # 4

  1. How can foreign oil companies mitigate the various risks they face in
    Russia? What strategies can they/did they pursue? Evaluate the
    different strategies pursued by Phibro, Mobil and Conoco. Which
    strategy do you think worked best? Why?

V. Lec # 5

  1. This case and related material will be distributed in class. But, for
    this session I would like you to think about India's comparative
    advantage in the biotech sector. What is it? Is it sustainable? Is
    this model of high tech development appropriate for other developing
    countries? What are Biocon's core competencies? Are these sustainable
    in the long run? What should the company's next move be? What do you
    see as it's major challenges?

VI. Lec # 6

  1. Assess the Endeavor model. What do you think are its relative
    strengths and weaknesses? How successful has Endeavor actually been?
    Can this model diffuse outside of Latin America?