Part I — Introduction
1 Why bother studying national economies in an era of globalization?
2 Alternative approaches to analyzing national economies Gerber products company case due
Part II — Different types of market economies
3 Liberal market economies: The United States
4 State-driven development: Singapore Singapore Inc. case due
5 Emerging markets/uncertain rules 1: Russia Unified energy system of Russia case due
6 Emerging markets/uncertain rules 2: Africa Note on conflict diamonds and Botswana cases due
Part III — Beyond the nation-state? Who is making the new rules?
7 The politics of trade Canada vs. Brazil due
8 Intellectual property protection Life, death, and property rights case due
9 Global business and human rights The Burma pipeline case due
10 Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private non-market action Shell, Greenpeace, and Brent Spar case due
11 Sustainability: Is there a business case?
12 Putting the pieces together

Country report due

In-class final exam 2 days after Ses #12