Lecture Notes

Case blogs explanation from Professor Lessard:

As preparation for classroom case discussion, students working in groups are required to post blogs on at least four (of 10) cases over the term. My experience is that this substantially increases the quality of student preparation, and it provides me and the students with a sense of where the class is at in terms of issues and insights. It also provides me with a basis to make "warm calls" on students who have not been active in class, but who have submitted blogs on a given day.

I typically "harvest" a set of quotes from the blogs to incorporate in my class slides. Three sets of these are included (session 6 - ICICI, 8 - P&G, 10 - Zara) to show the nature and quality of the postings.

(In the notes for sessions 6, 8, and 10, all blog quotes are courtesy of the students named, and are used with permission.)

1 The changing global landscape (PDF)
2 Linking national and firm-level advantage (PDF)
3 Local strength to global advantage (PDF)
4 Building a global business (PDF)
5 Cross-border arbitrage and outsourcing (PDF)
6 Expanding from new regions (PDF)
7 Responding to strategic threats from late movers (PDF) (Courtesy of Elena Obukhova. Used with permission.)
8 Managing integration and responsivess (PDF)
9 Integrating global manufacturing and product development (PDF) (Courtesy of Elena Obukhova. Used with permission.)
10 Integrating global supply and marketing chains (PDF)
11 Global leadership (PDF)