The texts Decision Modeling with Microsoft Excel, Sixth Edition, by Moore, Weatherford, Eppen, Gould and Schmidt, Prentice Hall and AMPL A Modeling Language For Mathematical Programming, by Fourer, Gay, Kernighan, Boyd & Fraser, are useful references both for the course material and the modeling tools we will rely on. We will provide additional material as the course progresses.

1 Introduction Chapters 1 & 2 of Moore et al.
2 Network Models: Assignment & Transportation Sect. 5.1-5.4 of Moore et al.
3 Network Models: Shortest Path & Transshipment Sect. 5.10-14 of Moore et al.
Sect. 5.6 of Moore et al.

Pages 43-51 of Fourer et al.

Scan Chapters 1-8 and 10 of Fourer et al.
4 Introduction to LP Chapter 3 of Moore et al.
5 Application: Revenue Optimization Chapter 3 & 5 of Moore et al.
6 Production Planning, Workforce Scheduling. Chapter 5 of Moore et al.
7 Conflicting Objectives, Robust Optimization.
8 Integer Programming Chapter 6 of Moore et al.

Chapter 20 of Fourer et al.
9 IP Modeling Chapter 6 of Moore et al.
  Cover Lectures 1 - 9
10 Case Study: Ford Finished Vehicle Delivery
11 Location Models
12 Non-Linear Programming Chapter 7 of Moore et al.

Chapter 18 of Fourer et al.
13 Application Portfolio Optimization Chapter 7 of Moore et al.
14 Non-Linear Programming Chapter 7 of Moore et al.
15 Team Presentations
16 Heuristics I
17 Team Presentations
18 Heuristics II


Team Presentations
20 Optimization, Heuristics and Uncertainty

Team Presentations