In the topics below, "HBS" stands for the Harvard Business School case studies that were discussed in class.

Basic Tools of Economic Management
1 Overview
2 HBS: The German Hyperinflation of 1923
3 HBS: The Great Depression: Causes and Impact

HBS: A Keynesian Cure for The Depression

Fiscal Multiplier

The Disinflation Spiral
4 HBS: The Reagan Plan

ISLM Notes
Development Strategies
5 HBS: Japan: The Miracle Years
6 HBS: Singapore

HBS: Accounting for Productivity Growth
Problem set 1 due
7 HBS: Chile: The Latin American Tiger?

HBS: Note on Exchange Rate Determination
Emerging Market Crises
8 HBS: World to Mexico: Get a Grip

HBS: The 1994-95 Mexican Peso Crisis
Final project progress report 1 due
9 HBS: Menem and the Populist Tradition in Argentina
10 BBNN Notes and Review
11 Articles

Eichengreen, B. "Understanding Asia's Crisis"

Eichengreen, B. "How Economists Understand Crisis?"
Problem set 2 due
Financial Crises and Contagion
12 HBS: Malaysia: Capital and Control
13 Midterm (In Class, Closed Book) Midterm
Transition Economies and Africa
14 HBS: Russia - 1994
15 HBS: China: Facing the 21st Century

HBS: Transition to a Market Economy
16 HBS: Uganda and the Washington Consensus Final project progress report 2 due
Trade Issues
17 Strategic Trade Policy

HBS: Collision Course in Commercial Aircraft
18 The Debate on Globalization

Does trade with Low Wage Countries Hurt American Workers?

Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the Global Economy

Integration of Trade and Disintegration of Production in the Global Economy

Comparative Advantages
Problem set 3 due
Challenges of the Developed Economies
19 HBS: Unemployment in France: Priority Number One Final project progress report 3 due
20 HBS: European Monetary Union
21 HBS: Social Security Reform
22 HBS: Japan: Free, Fair and Global?
23 International Financial Architecture
24 HBS: The United States in 2001 Final project due