STS.042J / 8.225J Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman: Physics in the 20th Century

Spring 2006

Collage of Einstein, Oppenheimer, Lawrence, Seaborg, and Feynman.
Collage of Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence, Glen Seaborg, and Richard Feynman. (Photos clockwise from top right, courtesy of the Library of Congress, the LBNL Image Library, and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.)

Course Highlights

This course features an extensive reading list and a complete set of assignments.

Course Description

This class explores the changing roles of physics and physicists during the 20th century. Topics range from relativity theory and quantum mechanics to high-energy physics and cosmology. The course also examines the development of modern physics within shifting institutional, cultural, and political contexts, such as physics in Imperial Britain, Nazi Germany, U.S. efforts during World War II, and physicists' roles during the Cold War.

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Prof. David Kaiser

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Two sessions / week
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