Study Materials

This section features a cribsheet on the different theories covered in this course.

Classic realignment theory 1932 Sudden Varies: war, depression, populists
Issue evolution 1964 Gradual Race
Carmines, McIver, Stimson - Unrealized Independents 1960s Gradual - 1960s - 3 factors change Social welfare, economy, race, Vietnam War
Meffert et al. - Macropartisanship 1980 Gradual - permanent (shock, aftershocks)
Abramowitz and Saunders 1980-1994 Gradual since 1980 - 1994 as culmination Not race; whole set of issues
Jacobson Mass party alignment: Two-way causality
Layman and Carsey Multidimensional; not issue displacement Race later, not just during 1960s